1980 Columbus Magi-Fest

1980 Columbus Magi-Fest Featuring Michael Ammar & Tim Star

This film was shot by magician Ed Ellis, but I was there when the filming was done, so I think of it as a personal project (I also restored it free of charge). It is a Super 8 Sound film made at the 1980 Magi-Fest in Columbus, Ohio. It features world famous magicians Michael Ammar and Tim Star, and was film by magician Ed Ellis. It was filmed in the late evening after the daily events were over. You will see me briefly next to Michael Ammar when he makes the giant coin appear. The film was in very poor condition and was filmed in low light conditions, so it took quite some time to get it to this point.

                  Frame Grab Magi-Fest

                 Frame Grab Magi-Fest

This is a frame grab of famous magician Michael Ammar from the above film/video.  On the right side of the frame is the actual "raw" transfer. The film has color shifted and contains a lot of "noise". On the left side of the frame is the fully edited de-noised and color corrected frame. This type of correction is possible, but takes much more time to do and the typical digital conversion will not include these types of improvements.

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