Remembering My Friend Roger Henry

Roger Henry was born in Canton, Ohio on February 26, 1952. We went to high school together, but didn't become friends until after we had both graduated. Our friendship was a result of both of us liking Corvettes. He had a 1964 roadster and I had a 1972 coupe. Roger was an excellent carpenter and did beautiful furniture and clock making. When he was younger he and his dad brought home an old farm tractor that had been abandoned in a field, and Roger restored it.  When it was time to restore his Corvette, I photographed the process, and when he got married I photographed that as well. Roger fixed my back porch when it was in need of repair, and built a new kitchen in my house. He also fixed my car a couple of times when it decided not to start. Twice a week for years we would play racquetball, and most every time he would beat me. Perhaps it was every time. Roger was a person who always gave more than he received, and always had to time to help his friends.

Roger passed away at home suddenly on a Sunday evening February 1, 1987 at the age of 34 . On that day the lives of everyone in Roger's life was altered forever. Roger had a tremendous relationship with his family, his father (Walter) was very proud of him, and he had ever right to be. A couple of years after Roger's death  I stopped to visit his dad and he wasn't the same person. I suspect most people who cared for Roger felt the same way. I hadn't talked to Roger for a couple of months before he died and I still remember that to this day. I miss my friend and think of him often. I wish he was still here so that we could enjoy driving our cars in the summer, have dinner at our favorite restaurant, and laugh at all the crazy stuff that we had seen throughout our lives.

I have included a few pictures of Roger on this page, but I have a full photo gallery tribute to Roger. I will be adding pictures as I scan them into my computer. If you knew Roger please feel free to leave a comment, tell a story or just say hi. Maybe you have some pictures, send them to me and I will add them to the site.

My first post on my Blog was a Super 8 sound film I made in 1978 that Roger was in. Roger was the president of Corvette Canton at the time. A club that he helped to start.

Click Here to see the post and film.

Roger on the torch. Restoring Gary Girts 1962 Corvette. July 1977
Gary Girt with Roger Henry in the background. July 1977



ken darrell new zealand

Polly and i stayed with Roger in September-October of 1978 he became a very good friend and we kept in constant contact until his untimely death in 87 i had the privilege of helping him swap the motor over in his Monte Carlo removing the s/b 400 and replacing with a s/b 350 built by Budco speed shop in Canton. Roger and his wife at time were very generous to us with their time and hospitality. Roger, like me loved his food and we enjoyed visiting many eating houses while in Ohio. We have lost contact with the many friends we made while in the U S but often think of the wonderfull people in the Canton Corvette Club, some of them may remember attending my 30th birtday party that Roger aranged. I would love to hear from Gary and Sueann Girt, or anyone we meet all those 37 years ago. 

Regards and god bless,

Ken Darrell


Harold Brown

Hello Ken, I remember you well and often wondered how you and Polly were doing and what you were up to. I remember your staying at Tom's house before staying with Roger and the good laughs we had. I had an email exchange with Gary not long ago and he is doing fine. I will pass your email along to him. Thanks for leaving a post and your memories about Roger.