Ashtabula, Ohio - Flying Saucer Gas Station

In 1976 I went to Ashtabula, Ohio to see my friend's lounge band perform, and on the way home the next day I drove past the flying saucer gas station on route 20 ("Gas-N-Go"). I picked up my Super 8 camera and filmed the scene as we sat at the light. My friend is the person hanging out the truck door. He can be seen in several other of my videos on this site (Magician Ed Ellis). This film to video conversion required color correction, white balance, and video noise reduction to restore it. This was filmed on a miserable cold and damp day through the windshield of my car on a silent Super 8 camera.

The film was shot on a silent camera. Were did the traffic sounds come from? The audio was added via my library of over 40,000 sound effects. Notice when the camera pans from the fellow hanging out the door you hear the sound of a car door closing. I seldom use just one track for sound. To add realism and the feel of sound captured at the scene, you need to hear many things. I hope you enjoy this piece of history.

The Map Marker points to the location of the old gas station