Student Film "Do You Care?" - Super 8 sound

This is a Super8 sound film that I made in 1976 while I was a student at the University of Akron. Assignment: 1 week to come up with an idea, find locations, film, edit & add titles (and the film shows it)! Film processing in 1976 took several days, so the movie is short on script, and has some scenes missing that were never filmed because there was no time left. Typically when filming movies and documentaries the film is shot out of order, so each scene in this film is shot in the order based on location, and in the dialog it is assumed that all of the scenes are there per script! The original filming and editing took 20 hours and was shot on 190 feet of film. Finished, it ran 8min 10sec. The new version runs just 6min 22sec with no important scenes left out. NLE editing is so much better than splicing and taping! The new version has adjustments for color noise, camera shake and color correction. Additionally some image zooms, music, titles and sound effects were added/replaced.

Synchronizing the sound to the video is another lengthy process because it is created as a wav file by a second pass of the film on a projector that captures the sound only.

My friend John Kozub was behind the camera capturing the scenes. John also helped film my first two home movies "Rescue" and "Payment in Blood".

The opening scene was filmed at the Dover Dam