Nikon D90 Side by Side Edit Comparison / by Harold Brown

Nikon D90 Side by Side Edit Comparison

A hand held clip shot with a Nikon D90 at Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, India on January 26, 2010. I stabilized the clip using Mercalli V2 Pro SAL and then imported that into my NLE. If you have read any of the comments on my other pages you know I like blue skies. The sky wasn't blue enough for me so I decided that I would try out NewBlue V3 "Gradient Tint Bluer Skies". On the left is the raw footage. On the right is the Bluer Skies version. It isn't as simple as drag and drop and it takes some experimenting to achieve the results you see. While I was at it I decided to punch up the saturation a little bit and sharpen the image. You could make the sky bluer using saturation, but the amount of blue I wanted would have impacted the other blues in the scene, and made for a very unnatural look. To achieve the bluer sky I needed to use the gradient.  The D90 doesn't auto focus and my eyes aren't so good anymore. It looked in perfect focus when I shot it!

Here is an earlier version of the video without split screen or stabilization applied.

Ramoji Film City Main Ticket Gate - Hyderabad, India