Super Cruise 2012 Salem, Ohio / by Harold Brown

Super Cruise 2012 Salem, Ohio

My friend Zakeer was visiting from Leeds, UK this past weekend, and when my neighbor called and asked if we wanted to join him at the Salem Super Cruise, it was a definite yes. The cruise starts at 4 p.m. Thursday and ends at 7 p.m. Sunday. Now that is a cruise! This is the same weekend of the Steel Valley Super Nationals at the Quaker City Raceway. I had never been to the Super Cruise and didn't know exactly what to expect. I knew that it wasn't the typical car show and this was a chance for my friend Zak to not only see the cars, but hear them as well. It beat an evening at the local mall!  As usual I took my Nikon D90 along, but decided to shoot some video from my iPhone 4S. It is just easier to do. The picture quality isn't as good, but I would get a better result with the focus! Besides, I just wanted to record the sound of the cars driving by.

Super Cruise 2012 Salem Ohio

The Super Cruise consists of several parking lots where everyone shows their cars, stages with local bands, plenty of cars driving down the main drag of town and of course the food vendors. A root beer float was in order after an hour or so of taking pictures! There are a variety of cars to see from the 1940's to present and street rods galore in the numerous parking lots. I was there in time to see the parade cars rumble by and see new Mustangs, old caddies and army jeeps.

Everyone brings a chair and sits along the parade route to watch the cars drive by, listen to the drivers revving their engines, and hearing the variety of car horns (including the train horns). The fun also comes with being with your friends talking cars.

Super Cruise 2012 Salem, Ohio

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