Enclosing The Deck Day 3 of Construction / by Harold Brown

Enclosing The Deck Day 3 of Construction

Here we are at "Enclosing The Deck Day 3 of Construction" and so far the past 2 days have been nice despite the early forecast of rain. It looks like today we will bypass the rain again! Sometimes things just work out. On the agenda for today was to get the walls and windows installed. Unfortunately the windows are not getting installed so that is a little disappointing. We knew the sliding glass door was on back-order so we were expecting that. The past 2 days we had a 3 man crew and today there is a 2 man crew. Looks like Tuesday before we get the windows.

Day 3 Photo Slide Show

If you cannot see the slide show follow the link to see the gallery: Day-3-Enclosing-Our-Deck

The highlights for today were:

  • Adding the additional posts for the walls and windows (a lot of measuring and cutting)
  • Identify where to put the electrical outlets
  • Running the electrical wires
  • Installing the walls and running the wires through them
  • Electrician identified where to run the electric lines to the deck

Overall the first 3 days of construction have gone well and the enclosure has really started to look good. The 3 man team works great together and stays busy the entire time they are on site. It has been hot the last few days, but that hasn't slowed anyone down. Very impressive work and they put up with me and my camera. It has to be a real pain working on enclosures that are 10 feet in the air. That is a lot of stair climbing everyday. See yesterday’s posts and slide show here.

Tomorrow will the last day worked this week on the deck as Friday is July 4th. Happy Independence Day everyone, enjoy the fireworks!

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